SEO Audit

The SEO audit includes a detailed website analysis, along with guidelines. With the SEO Audit you will find out if your site is well positioned, what you need to make your website well positioned. SEO Audit will guide you through the subsequent processes of page optimization, and will show you the next steps in positioning.

In the SEO audit, you will find bulleted details on page optimization, along with guidelines, detailed analysis of technical problems, number and quality of backlinks … etc. The audit may contain between 20 and 60 pages and more.

What we can do to conduct an SEO Audit

  • Improving the number of indexed subpages
  • Better positions of phrases, and more phrases in the first 10
  • Optimization of usability and intuitiveness
  • Optimization of the entire portal
  • Correcting technical errors
  • Full website traffic analysis

An SEO audit of a website, portal or online store will provide answers to what else should be done to improve the visibility of the website on the internet. It will give a full picture of the work that has already been done, evaluate the quality of these works, and the resulting results of SEO activities.

In addition, the audit will indicate other aspects related to the functioning of the website. Technical errors, page speed, problems in code, etc., and solutions to these problems with the specified guidelines.